When God Dropped the F Bomb

When God Dropped the “F Bomb”

I have heard it a thousand times…especially in the church. Pastors use it. So do most church leaders, at least they should be. I know the word well…but not as well as I was about to know it when He first said it to me..It hit me like a tidal wave. I don’t know what He was thinking, dropping that “F Bomb” on me!


 I mean, I thought I already had done that…it’s been years! Until just a few weeks ago. I was in a situation with someone that owed me a lot of money…Technically, I was justified in demanding this debt. By all laws and reason, he had to pay it. Then the Lord stepped in. We were supposed to go to court to decide some things and in the midst of it, I knew I had to go in and drop the past…just like that. 

I said I was glad to do it. I mean if that’s what it was gonna take for him to get off my back and quit hating me, then I gladly took that on! (Insert self-righteous tone here) But I wasn’t ready for what happened next.

I shocked everyone in the court room by my obedience, then a chance encounter in the elevator began to reveal that God had something else up His sleeve. I pondered it awhile and then He revealed it to me.

“I didn’t have you forgive it for him, Chandra. I had you do it for you. Connected to that debt was the past that still carried with it bitterness, resentment and un-forgiveness- and where I am taking you, you can not have even a sliver of any of that. You didn’t see it, but I did.”  OUCH.

Forgiveness…It’s a powerful thing. Jesus told us. He said we needed to forgive so that we could be forgiven. We need to forgive- as we have been forgiven… Unforgiveness is the number one thing that holds us back from the blessings that God wants to give us. That’s the one thing that ties His hands when it comes to answering the cries of our hearts. Coming into alignment with what He asked me to do has truly unlocked the blessing of a DEEP healing I didn’t know I needed. Since that day, through the tears that come with the process, I have watched as it unlocked the restoration that I prayed for. The crazy thing is, I know it’s just the beginning of many beautiful things to come! 

kelley_leigh / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

There is no better peace than knowing that your Heavenly Father is pleased with you. Knowing you have been obedient and have allowed the inside cleansing to begin is truly an amazing thing because you then have this confidence in knowing there is not a demon in hell that can come against you or stop you from receiving the fullness of the purpose and destiny God has for you! 

I share this because I know that God is calling us to a deeper place in Him. The Holy Spirit is actively moving to draw His people to Him. He wants to unlock every blessing of Heaven into our lives…but we gotta line up with Him. We can’t play games and hold on to unnecessary foolishness in our lives. We need to be completely surrendered to allow Him to go to those deep places, even when it hurts. Because then we will truly be a force to be reckoned with-for His Kingdom! 

I pray over everyone reading this that the Holy Spirit come upon you and reveal those deep things to you. Father I pray a special grace and desire to be obedient to you and your Word, that we may truly be crowned your Queens in this season of restoration and blessing. I break off every demonic hindrance, commanding every spirit hiding in hurt, bitterness, rejection and unforgiveness to loose the person reading this, in Jesus’ name. I declare that he or she WILL come into the fullness of every good thing God has destined them for and that it begin with Forgiveness tonight. In Jesus’ glorious name! Amen.

And to you dear reader, for whoever the Holy Spirit brings to your mind pray this prayer:

Father I forgive ________ for hurting me. I ask that you help me walk in forgiveness of ________.  I remove myself from alignment with any spirit of unforgiveness as well as any spirit attached to it. I declare that from this moment forward I let go and I ask your Holy Spirit to heal every hidden hurt and I receive your complete restoration for my life, in Jesus’ name. 

You just did something powerful for your life. Keep repeating that prayer as often as you need to. And I stand in agreement for your breakthrough, healing and restoration. It’s gonna be awesome! 

Til next time, 


Unnatural Habitat {explored, thanks all}
Ian Livesey / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND
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You Want Me To Do What?!

I had an interesting conversation with one of my girlfriends this week. We  reminisced about how we met. It was 5 years ago at a bible study when she was just a baby Christian and I was a hot mess Prodigal Daughter.

We marveled at His goodness and at how far He has brought us. These years have been full of a lot of challenges and many tears…but here we are still standing!

In another conversation with another girlfriend, we talked about the constant pull and desires in knowing we want more…and the hard reality of what we are to do in order to get it.

The common theme in both these conversations was the uncomfortable knowing that God had called us to something much bigger than ourselves and quite frankly, we felt like we were the LEAST qualified for it!

brianna.lehman / Foter / CC BY

One had a deep desire to nurture the faith of little ones in her church nursery. She is very honest about the fact that she preferred to be in the background, silently praying over babies and their families and sending the “really serious stuff” to the “true prayer warriors” of the church. Yet, like it or not, she is realizing that God is pointing them right back to her, speaking “Arise, Warrior”.

The other friend has a deep desire for connections and fellowship within the Body of Christ. She has kind of been thrown into ministry by default, though it most definitely is not God’s default! She has a beautiful gift of worship…which I believe is the most powerful of them all! A gift that God has predestined to use to literally change the atmosphere around her!

I know all too well the blank stare that comes over their beautiful faces when their purposes began to take root in their hearts.  I had that same look when He began to reveal to me the things He wanted to do through me. I have no doubt that you have too!

You want me to do what? 

In Genesis, Sarah laughed when she was told she would have a baby.

In Exodus, Moses felt He had to remind God of every reason that He was the least qualified to do the job. He straight up told God to find someone else!

In Judges 6:13, the angel of the Lord came to Gideon and said “Greetings, Mighty Warrior”. Gideon was a poor farmer from a “weak” family. His response in the next verse is pretty much the equivalent of “Who me?” I can imagine that when this angel appeared out of nowhere that Gideon took a good look around him to see exactly who this angel was speaking to!

My beloved Esther, even her initial response to the assignment given to her was “I can’t do that.”

Those are just a few of the many! Everyone God used had a story, had a past and were so “ordinary” there couldn’t possibly be any way they could do it. And that’s just the way He likes to do it ladies! Last week while I was ministering He taught me a huge lesson. I began to doubt myself in ministering to the people… I found myself shrinking back to let “the more anointed one” do it. Then I heard that strong, but soft voice ask me, “Who says it’s you doing it? You think you are doubting yourself but what you are really doubting is ME.”

Let FAITH arise! 

I pray over each person reading this that the FAITH of Abraham, Rahab, and especially Mary the mother of Jesus would RISE within your spirits! Mary’s story is so powerful.. and one we need to really let take root in our spirits… Luke 1:30-38 tells us how the angel told Mary she was going to give birth to a son… The Son of the Most High…In her initial reaction she reminded the angel that this was not naturally possible since she was a virgin. (Which the angel was very aware of by the way…God knows EXACTLY who and what you are when He calls you!)

Mary finished her divine conversation with a simple yet life changing…history changing…humanity changing…ETERNITY changing “I am the servant of the Lord. Let this happen to me as you say.” (vs 38)

No matter what He is asking you to do, it’s NOT bigger than the assignment given to this servant…HOWEVER it’s  likely just as impossible…in YOUR strength. Your call, your purpose, your gifts and your destiny isn’t just for you…they are for all the people the Lord is just waiting to bring across your path. They are just as life changing…not ONE of these murderers, liars, adulteresses, farmers, peasants or young virgins  could have known the impact of their obedience and surrender to the One who does all things. But through their stories and lives, WE CAN.

So receive your calling! Let faith rise in the Spirit and Power that does all things…through a heart that’s surrendered and willing….and let’s make history!


Til next time,


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I’m Not Really Talking to You Right Now, God

Sometimes life doesn’t quite turn out the way you thought it would, does it? You try to do everything right and do right by everyone you meet. You try to be obedient to what you hear God telling you to do, yet you find yourself STILL in this wilderness that you can’t quite comprehend.

Not to say that you aren’t thankful for the blessings in between…but when that Promised Land still seems so far away …it can get tough. I found myself telling God “I love you, but I honestly don’t want to talk to you right now. In fact, I think I am mad at you… Actually, yeah… I AM mad at you! I did everything my heart was so sure you were telling me to do, and yet I sit here with so much that has changed but yet hasn’t.”

Portrait of young woman looking down and lonely

My heart immediately went into being a little afraid, since was talking to the Creator of the Universe and all, who could turn me into a pillar of salt or something. But I was really hurting! What I got instead was an immediate sense of reassurance- that He could most definitely handle my little rant. In fact, that it was okay to have my rant, because just as in every intimate relationship, communication and transparency are such important things to have.

Besides, He is God. It’s not like He didn’t already know my thoughts and feelings anyway.

I believe He allows us to go through these mental and emotional battles so that we can draw closer to Him. No matter how much faith anyone claims to have, as humans we all have different layers of emotional baggage that we have to get rid of.  I truly believe 2015 is the year that God is going to show up in ways that will show both the believers and unbelievers that He is the Sovereign God whose Word is true. I believe that those who have been earnestly seeking and praying are going to get an open heaven of blessing this year like we have never seen before and quite possibly may never see again.

But He is calling us into a  deeper relationship with Him than ever. It is going to look really scary at times, but if we can be honest with ourselves and recognize those raw places that still need some working out, we will discover the beauty of how unconditional and faithful His love is. Even when we get mad at Him. What we need to understand it that we can’t stay there. Because after every temper tantrum we may have, He is still standing there with open arms to receive you right back.

The most awesome prophets experienced it. Elijah, Peter, Esther, Jacob..they all had their moments and when they were done, MIRACLES happened.

So if you are struggling, be encouraged. Whatever you may be struggling with, don’t shut Him out. He can take it. Then you are ready to stop being mad and start talking to your Father again… rejoice…and get ready for your miracle!

Woman Meditating or Worshiping in Autumn

Til next time,


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Fighting Doubt & Discouragement

How do you keep yourself moving forward when those ugly emotions called doubt and discouragement come knocking at your door? I know my God is an amazing God, He has proven Himself faithful thousands of times over…so tell me why I am sitting here asking Him today “What’s up?”

lonely young woman

He has given me promises, new opportunities and He has done things in me and my family I have no logical explanation for…but these past couple days I can’t seem to get myself out of this funk regarding the one promise that is ranked one of the highest of my heart. As someone who has spent most her life believing that certain happy endings just weren’t in the cards for her, it’s scary to be at that vulnerable place with God daring to believe that it may just happen after all…in fact..knowing that He said it would.

I don’t know about you, but when He gives me a promise I kind of want to SEE it, like yesterday! In this waiting process, I am being tweaked and adjusted to be ready for all that is coming. Yet I face these self-imposed fears daily and fight to continue placing one foot in front of the other despite their fierce attempts to paralyze me.

Then I realize that’s exactly what faith is all about, moving forward despite the winds of doubt and fear trying to blow you down. To remember that above all we can trust in the one who is faithful and true and these lies called emotions are far from what His truth says about you. You don’t have to be perfect in all you do, just be consistently faithful in keeping your heart before Him. His grace and love cover the rest.

So put on that favorite worship song- one filled with encouraging words that are faithful to heal…breathe them in…and say, “Lord, take what you know is swirling in my head and emotions and call it into the peace of your love and perfect will for my life… I love you, and I thank you for your faithfulness and love. In your precious name, Jesus…Amen.”


Be encouraged and sleep sweet tonight sisters,

Til next time,


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The Earthquake Inside

Good morning ladies!

I know it has been a long time since I have been writing and for that I am sorry! But that is changing! God has given me this writer’s block these past couple months to get my behind closer to Him as I have been navigating these new waters called Self-employment and this deeper level of faith He has brought me to.

It’s been an incredible journey..For those who don’t know, God called me to leave my job as a behaviorist to work from home because quite frankly, my kids need mama home! I am homeschooling my daughter and been focusing on building my parent coaching business and of course, life coaching is still available. I have also begun another business venture in which I hope to launch in April, creating another blog called SacramentoMomsBlog to connect local moms with knowledge, resources and relationships here in the Sacramento area. I am also looking for Sacramento mom contributors for the blog so please let me know if you are interested! I know, that was a shameless plug, but hey, it’s my blog, I can do that!

So I am writing today to talk about something called The Earthquake Inside. This weekend my family and I had a life changing experience that shook us all to the core and my children got to experience God and His power in a whole new level.

It began Friday. I was babysitting for some friends of mine with plans to head out of town to my parent’s house that night. I planned to be gone all weekend, with my son staying here with a family friend so he can go to basketball practice. Late in the afternoon I all of a sudden got really sick, dizzy, headache and began throwing up. Totally random! I decided to stay home for the night and just head down in the morning.

Come evening as I was sitting at the table eating a bowl of quinoa to settle my stomach, something inside me got very restless and I told my friends who were over that I didn’t feel right. I felt like I was waiting for something to happen…and it wasn’t good…I then realized there was a very specific reason I was still home, I just didn’t know what it was. I closed my eyes and began to pray quietly asking God to show me what was going on. After a few moments, silent tears began to fall because the intensity inside was so strong. I saw an image of my son who was at a basketball game with his friends… I called him to check on him and of course he said everything was fine…though I didn’t feel fine I told him to make sure he called me when he was on his way home.

I kept asking God what was up because this internal earthquake was not going away…And one word kept coming to me…repeating itself… “PROTECTION”… then “I am protecting your family”… Okay, but from what, God? Who exactly and what am I supposed to do? The more I asked I could sense this death angel was somehow involved in the scenario… I saw an image of my dad, I’m praying for my dad, my pastor in Russia…my son. All this is happening in silent whispers as I am sitting there at the table. My friend puts her hands out and tells her husband and I we have to pray, because while she was sitting there watching me, she was silently praying herself. (It’s an amazing blessing when God brings you a friend who is on the same frequency you are!)

She says she can only hear one thing but refused to say it unless one of us said it first… I told her of what I was being shown…She then says, take the kids and run. As we sat asking the Lord to show us exactly what He meant, the Lord tells me, “Go get Jordan NOW”. I’m almost in tears because the intensity was so strong that my son had to be with me, I was not to wait until his friend brought him home. As I am getting my keys and jacket, I hear “Take the girls.” I am stepping out completely in faith trying to figure out what the heck is going on because mind you, I am starting to feel a little bit crazy right now!

As the girls and I are on our way, He tells me “Go to your moms.” I am gonna be honest, I argued with Him here. I mean here it is nine at night…I’m still in my sweats from all day, no make-up and I had already told my mom I would be there in the morning. And now I am supposed to randomly show up at almost midnight!? (That’s the time I would get there) That’s just CRAZY!

I get my son and this wave of peace hits me for a moment… I considered just going home and not going to my moms but then the pit in my stomach comes back with a vengeance. So I obeyed, again in faith despite the fact that I felt absolutely crazy. I then hear from my friend that God had showed her a man coming to my door. Yup, crazy or not, we were out! We packed up and drove down, my son not thrilled that he was having to miss basketball practice in the morning.

This is going to sound crazy but I could sense there was a battle going on for my family but I wasn’t fighting it, it was the angels in the heavens..and while they were fighting I could sense there were 4 angels carrying my car as I drove, and we were completely protected. It was almost like we were in this spiritual witness protection program, being snuck out in the midst of the battle to a safe place. I didn’t get any rest in my spirit until we hit Stockton. It was then I knew the battle was won and we were safe.

Through the weekend I kept asking God what on earth that was all about. I knew at my mom’s that we were all supposed to be there together.  Yet, there was no catastrophe, my house was still standing… what was all this about God??!  I kept thinking about the man that was supposed to come. Did my ex husband put a hit out on me or something?! All these crazy thoughts kept running through my head as I pondered the events from Friday night. I kept telling God how stupid I felt and how I was never gonna listen to my friend again in those moments because maybe my crazy and her crazy just feed off one another! But it was all so undeniably REAL, Lord, I just don’t understand! I couldn’t shake the image of my son and his school, but wouldn’t get an answer more than that.

Monday comes and we drive up and I drop my son off at basketball practice. The only answer that I was getting was that all this somehow had to do with my son and that he was supposed to be at my mom’s with me and his sisters… I didn’t know anything more. Later that morning my friend and I are talking about it (she was having the same thoughts and battles I was) and she tells me that the Lord showed her that the events of this weekend were all about Jordan. The man she had seen was a police officer that would have been coming to the door with the news that my son was dead. As soon as she told me this, I realized, I knew it all along.

Later that day my son found out that on Saturday morning about the same time he would be riding his long board home from basketball practice, there was an accident involving a drunk driver on the same corner he had recently gotten stuck at with his long board. That was the trap the enemy had set up for him. I have NO doubt in my mind that God saved my son’s life this weekend. In all reality he saved my family. Had anything happened to my son, it would have destroyed me…it would have destroyed his younger sisters…It would have destroyed the work I do with our church youth because I am not so sure I could ever go back to that if my son were lost. When God told me He was protecting my family, He meant it to the utmost depth. The ripple effects of that would go further than I could ever imagine!

I share this story for a multitude of reasons…Of course number one to give God ALL THE GLORY AND PRAISE for saving my son and allowing me to still have him on this earth with me today. But also to share with you the power of listening to that earthquake (even a tiny one) in your spirit. Sometimes it comes in dreams.  Some may call it “gut feeling”, others “intuition” but the truth is, it’s God himself is trying to talk to you through the Holy Spirit. I could go on and on about other times…when His still small voice prompted me to pray for my sister, who got in what should have been a fatal car accident one night but walked away…the still small voice that told me to go put my hair in a ponytail as I was headed out the door which saved my daughter and I from being caught smack in the middle of an armed bank robbery…as I continue to grow in my relationship with the Lord, it gets stronger.

Don’t ignore it ladies…this isn’t just for moms but for everyone! How often to we shrug it aside, doubting ourselves and thinking we are silly or just paranoid? Imagine if we were all on high alert and armed with prayer, the enemy wouldn’t stand a chance!

In my devotions yesterday morning God gave me a scripture, talking to me about the events of this life changing weekend, “First we heard, and now we have seen, that God will always keep His city safe. It is the city of the Lord All Powerful, the city of our God” Psalms 48:8 NCV

Oh yes, I have heard, I have believed…but now I have SEEN it… you can’t tell me I haven’t! My family, your families, are His city…Because when you seek Him, no matter where you are in your walk, you are His…He will honor and meet you right where you are at!

What will your response to Him be? He has His angels on alert to come to your rescue. I guarantee you that He is talking to you… the question is, are you listening?

Til next time,




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Delight Yourself in the Lord….

What does it mean to delight yourself in the Lord? For so long that is what I thought I did, but in hindsight I look and see that while I loved God, I often let many things get in the way of knowing what it really meant to delight in Him. Single parenthood is pretty synonymous with “I’m just surviving.” Whether it is with three kids or one, between playing the role of the two parents, provider, housekeeper, cook, shopper, nurse, taxi, counselor, disciplinarian, yard keeper, maid and tutor- the idea of “delighting yourself in the Lord” almost sounds like a faraway fairy tale that sounds great in theory but hello, I am in reality here. Know what I mean? It’s non-stop giving and if you try adding dating into the mix- more giving! Ever ask God “When is it my turn to be given to???”

These past two years I have experienced some seriously painful losses, challenges and had some high hopes that have been crushed. But I have also met God in a deeper way than I could have imagined. I am stronger, my faith is bigger, I’ve discovered who I am!  Through all that I found out what it means to “delight yourself in the Lord.” I can say 110% that this Christmas doesn’t come with the sting of loneliness like in previous years, because I have maintained an attitude of choosing to surrender. I have things happening and doors opening that are inexplicable!  And they aren’t all crazy huge by they were my secret heart desires! One example was my home- I am NOT an organized person, organizing is just NOT one of my spiritual gifts…I wanted my house organized now that I am fully working from home. God knew in my heart I wanted it organized before I made my transition into working from home. He brought the people TO ME, who did it FOR me, FOR FREE! I didn’t even really ask God for it, but He knew what was in my heart and answered it before even asking! That’s just ONE example! May not seem like a big deal to many but it’s a big deal to me, MY HEART!

When you make that deliberate choice to surrender your life to God and put yourself at His feet, asking Him to show you who He is, you begin to see things happen like never before. The scripture doesn’t lie when it says He will give you the desires of your heart- trust in Him, be CONFIDENT in Him and it will come to pass… He created your heart and put the desires in you so why would He not fulfill it??

I have overcome many things, the most recent being an eating disorder and really bad body image issues. Now people laugh and tell me all the time that they don’t believe it. But I don’t confess it for anything else other than to be victorious over it once and for all. As I was healed of my eating disorder, I REALLY struggled with the inches that crept back on… and battle the mental block that tells me I will never get back to where I want to be without the diet pills, the shakes, or other fads out there…. But today started a new commitment to myself and to God to let Him be my nutritionist and personal trainer…my butt was even out running in this freezing weather! God has told me that in order to be where I want to be with you ladies, I need to share that I go through these things too. I consider myself completely accountable to everyone who reads these posts whether I ever talk to you or not. I gotta practice what I preach when I tell YOU that in Him you can do ANYTHING!! NOTHING is impossible with God!!

He knows those cries of your heart, even the ones you don’t dare speak out loud. Whatever your “it” is that tries coming back to haunt you, it’s in no way a match for a heart open and willing to seek the God who created you. You’ve got this!!! Ask Him to show you what it means to “delight yourself in Him” and give it a whole- hearted try! Only you can make that CHOICE for you!

You deserve it!!!

Til next time,


Delight yourself in also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires and secret petitions of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord (roll and repose each care of your load on Him); trust (lean on, rely on and be confident) also in Him and He will bring it to pass!!

Psalm 37:4-5 (AMP)


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A Letter From God

This weekend I had multiple women coming up to me, sharing some heartbreaking trials they are going through. Fear is definitely working in overtime as these storms are raging fiercely around them… My heart cries out for them. I know we serve a BIG God who is MIGHTY and FAITHFUL so I lift them up in the spirit, having faith for them that I know they just don’t have the strength for right now. And if you are reading this and that’s you too, consider yourself covered and lifted up with them!

Woke up early this morning for my devotion and prayer time and God led me into Romans 8. I came to this scripture and God started talking to me…as I worshiped and thanked Him for everything He has done, asking Him my own questions, this is what He told me. It’s Romans 8:14-17 and He had me write it out and personalize it… When I was done, I realized He had written a letter! Here it is:


My children are those who let My Spirit lead them. The Spirit you received does not make you a slave again to fear, it makes you MY DAUGHTER. With that Spirit, you can cry out and call me “Father”. My very Spirit joins with your spirit to say you are my child. If you are my child, then you will receive blessings from me, together with my son Jesus. But there will be suffering that has to happen, as my Son Jesus suffered so that you will have glory as Jesus has glory!


I don’t believe God is saying we must suffer because He wants to make it that way. That statement of our suffering is a much deeper statement of that. He is preparing us, so that we aren’t blindsided. This world is the enemy’s territory! Even Jesus coming to earth HAD to suffer, but because of WHO He is, He conquered it so that WE can conquer it! But God being the almighty conquering God He is, already has prepared our victory through it. He is telling us here that because we are HIS, we WILL share in the glory that Jesus has!  He specifically says YOU WILL HAVE! Not maybe, not possibly, not “it could happen”, but YOU WILL!

Be encouraged today, even if you are only hanging on to hope by a thread. Don’t run from Him, run to Him…Cry out to Him, He can handle everything you have to tell Him….the good, bad and ugly! Read this promise, print it out, staple it to your forehead! But hang on, sister!

He WILL meet you right where you are at and He WILL lead you to glory and victory!!!

Til next time,


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Heyyy Ladies!!

Hey ladies!!

There are so many things going on that I am just in awe of how God is moving! I have been fighting some battles and shout the victory that God has given! He is so consistently faithful I don’t have the words to describe it!

Ironically, though the victory is sweet, the enemy just loves to use the same things to turn up the heat: try and steal my joy, affect my attitude and most dangerously for him- affect my children.  He uses those same situations and people to try and make you doubt your victory or breakthrough…and it could have worked too if I wasn’t surrounded by my own amazing support system and under the mighty man & woman of God that I am. They remind me WHO and WHOSE I am- so my prayer turns to a heartfelt “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  You know real growth happens when you go from wanting to puke when you say it to actually meaning it!

Ladies you have got to remember, ANYONE who chooses to make themselves your enemy, makes themselves God’s enemy. Psalm 91:15 says ” He (SHE) shall call upon me, and I will answer him (HER). I will be with him (HER) in times of trouble; I will deliver him (HER) and honor him (HER).

Isaiah 49:25 the LORD says, “The captives of warriors will be released, and the plunder of tyrants (YOUR ENEMIES) will be retrieved (RESTORED TO YOU). For I will fight those who fight you, and I will save your children.

Isaiah 42:6-7 says ” I the Lord have called you to RIGHTEOUSNESS, and I will hold your hand and protect you. YOU will be a sign of my agreement with the people. You will help the blind to see. You will free those who are in prison, and you will lead those who live in darkness out of their prison.”

Do you realize the POWER in these scriptures ladies?? This isn’t just some fairy-tale, this is GOD HIMSELF speaking to us!

He isn’t playing when He says He has our back, and for that reason we MUST pray for those who are trying to bring you down, intimidate & slander you. In other words, pray for your haters, because they only strengthen you. God has given me a big task to do. My task and call is right here, in reaching the hurting women around me- helping ladies one by one by helping YOU see your purpose and identity in who He has called you to be!

Ladies, I have overcome abusive relationships, sexual abuse, substance use, alcohol abuse, low self-esteem, eating disorders…just to name a few! I was a MESS but JESUS saved me! Jesus took this sick, hurting, and lost lamb…dug me out of the thorn bush, cleansed every wound, wiped every tear and told me how much He loved me… If He could take me…ME… and turn me into who I am today, then you definitely have a chance!  I’ve been almost 15 years in the making since I gave my life to Him… It’s been a loooonnnggg process and most of that was because I was stubborn… and the other part was because while I had given my heart to Him, I hadn’t REALLY gotten to KNOW Him! While I am not yet where I want to be, I stand in FULL confidence knowing that God continues to lead me there! This last year has been one of my most challenging years EVER! However, I have grown in so many ways- I have learned more about the Lord than I ever knew, and I learned things about myself I have never known. And while the times have been challenging and humbling, I have had blessing after blessing as well!  While the enemy has tried bringing some haters and other challenges to break me I smile instead saying thanks…because you are only making me stronger in my faith, my walk, and in the CONFIDENCE in who my God is and that He is taking me to another level!

We gotta stop thinking we are the victims. The enemy of your soul would love to keep you there but TRUTH says YOU have a call on your life! TRUTH says you are PRECIOUS in His sight, LOVED and HONORED…(Isaiah 43:4)

Galations 1:15 says He has special plans…for you sweet sister, and you are set apart for His work, from even before you were born!

There was NOTHING you did or could do to earn it or deserve it… and you don’t have to be perfect, Lord knows I am far from it! It was given FREELY by His grace and His immense love for you!

You have a call mighty woman! It’s to be a mighty demonstration of God’s power and glory in your life! To help the blind see… (figuratively and literally!) Setting captives free…SHINE and be a demonstration of who Jesus is to the world around you… your kids, your co-workers, your friends, your loved ones….. He wants to take you higher than you can even imagine! Most importantly He wants you to see YOU as He sees you!

So take heart…stand tall and courageous and know that there is NOTHING that will defeat you!!! Pray for those that the enemy uses to come against you, because truly, if they knew who they were working for and the death and destruction they were sowing for themselves, they wouldn’t be doing it…. God comes through EACH AND EVERY TIME!

Til next time,


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